Roman Biographies


The Uni High Library has the following useful reference books:

Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire - R 937.06 B837e cop.2
World Eras: Roman Republic and Empire - R Q. 937.01 R6612 v.3
Encyclopedia of the Ancient World - R 930.03En192 v.1-3
The Oxford Classical Dictionary - R 913.38 Ox21996 cop.3
History of the Ancient and Medieval World, The Roman Empire - R Q. 940.1 H6292 2009 v.4
The Encyclopedia of Ancient Civilizations of the Near East and Mediterranean - R Q. 939.4 En19 cop.2
The Oxford History of the Classical World - R 938 Ox2 cop.4

There are other Roman history books on a really really high shelf in the nonfiction room above the other 937s.

When searching for biographies on a specific person in the online catalog, try entering "[name] biography" as a keyword search.

Here are some more generic subject headings to try in the online catalog:

Rome --Civilization.
Rome--History--Empire, 30 B.C.-476 A.D.
Rome--History--Empire, 284-476.
Rome--History--Empire, 30 B.C.-476 A.D.--Biography.
Rome--History--Empire, 30 B.C.-284 A.D.--Biography.
Rome--History--Empire, 284-476--Biography.
Rome--Civilization--Greek influences.

Try looking in the 937s for books on ancient Romans!


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Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome
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